Electroquímica de Hernani guarantees the supply of essential products to avoid the spread of COVID-19

Electroquímica de Hernani, as a manufacturer of: 










  • Chlorine
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • TCCA
  • Sodium hydroxide 
  • Hydrochloric acid

all of them biocidal products necessary in disinfection in general, and particularly useful in combating the spread of COVID 19, and which guarantee the continuity of the drinking water supply to the population, wishes to express its absolute commitment to the health and safety of people.

In this regard, it is taking the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of supply of such products to its customers and has rendered itself available to the authorities to ensure the accessibility of such products.

Electroquímica de Hernani has established a Business Continuity Plan. This plan includes, among other measures:

  • Internal protocols aimed at guaranteeing the health of workers;
  • Specific measures for hauliers and external personnel accessing the facilities;
  • Control of the supply of raw and auxiliary materials so that the production continuity is not affected.
  • Coordination with logistics partners to ensure deliveries.

Electroquímica de Hernani has set up a Monitoring Committee which, in coordination with the authorities, continually assesses the suitability of the measures taken in order to adapt them, when necessary,  to the requirements determined by the development of the situation.